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what people say

  • I found and define my values. I have understood new things about myself. ~ Boian

  • It was extremely useful seminar for me. I have realized my real goal and steps to achieve it.~ Ani

  • Direct comparison between my inner feelings and impression I create in others.~ Velislava

  • From comments of others participants in seminar I have found my answers to my questions. I discover from where my problems comes.~ Boriana

  • I have managed to see missing part in my relationship with others.
    ~ Krasimir.

  • To observe myself and to see where my blocks are was the biggest benefit. I get more clarity about myself.~ Lusi

  • Why will you recommend seminars with horses to others? Simply.IT works. ~Tedi

  • Horses mirror us in way we could not see ourselves and in way others could describe us. ~ Ani

  • I would recommend because it’s formula is light and in same time offers you very deep way to inner clarity.~ Denitsa

  • I think is important for everybody to come to this seminars, because it helps people to reach deeper self-understanding.~ Nikol

  • Possibility to feel mirror connection with horses.~ Hristina

  • It is good to see yourself in the eyes of such non-judgmental mirror – horses.~ Galina

  • I recommend because self-awareness and awareness of others makes us better human beings. ~ Boian

  • Interesting, useful and unique. Greate coach and horses. ~ Velislav

  • Useful – leads to connection with yourself and opens your hart.~ Lusi

  • Useful for increasing of self-awareness in interesting and non-standard form.  ~ Laura

               The seminar “Emotions and how to tame them”, which took

              place in The Horseman Ranch and led by Julia Slawow-Tonew turned out to be key factor in realizing my true nature, closed so far very deep inside me. The lecture and the activities with horses revealed to me a new and different world, real and unadulterated, to which I actually always belonged, but I could not feel it.

Unfortunately, I lost my authenticity in my early childhood, creating an image that was acceptable and helped me survive in an aggressive environment among people with very different sensitivities from mine. Being in complete hopelessness, having lost faith in people and in the good, but at the same time looking for the right way to myself, I read about a seminar near Sofia with the participation of horses. I've always liked them a lot, but I've never had the opportunity to interact with them.

So, in this wonderful and magnetic place, where the ranch is located, in the process of dealing with horses, I have quite unconsciously projected thoughts and emotions on them. Later, seeing the symbolism in their reactions, I realized that I was getting answers about faces and events in my life that I had been looking for so long.

For me, the seminar with the participation of horses is the beginning of a journey to myself, a symbolic rebirth, a rediscovery of my value system, a rearrangement of my priorities. It is a path that goes through painful trials and the discovery of difficult truths, but also filled with much faith and hope for a new beginning.

- Boryana Dancheva


            I was at two seminars with horses:

          Influence and Self-confidence.

What horses give very quickly and clearly is feedback on whether and how you do it, whether you manage to influence or not. They do not lie, they do not disguise themselves behind false joy or benefit in order to fulfill the things you demand. You manage to convince them to go and follow you, or not. By drawing a parallel in your life with such situations, you give yourself a very clear idea of ​​how you act - decisively or not, slowly or quickly, with attention to the others or focused only on yourself.

For me, the trainings bring awareness and are very useful with their theoretical and practical parts, as well as with the discussions at the end.

- Diana Koleva


              The Self-confidence seminar with Julia and the horses left

             lasting feelings in me. I left with new realizations from the field of "my blind spots" in the unconscious. I increased the level of self-reflection, of what is happening inside me and how well I manage to control my emotions and thoughts. I explored the power of intention and the effect of going out of my comfort zone. I felt how I am framing myself in my thoughts and actions, going to extremes and how unnecessary this was.


Horses teach me to connect with myself and just be.


Thank You!

- Teodora Kamenova

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