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horse clinics

Let’s be grounded

Horses in their depth have same needs as humans.

Need of acceptance, acknowledgment, peace, safety, comfort, trust and relationship based on respect.

In years spend with horses and their owners I have understood that what we want for us, we shall give to the horses. I’ve passed and used Natural Horseman method of working with horses. And yes, it works. And yes, it helps.

However something was missing there. It was somehow schematic and automatic. And then I’ve  understood. I was missing the HORSE, as equal personality which takes part in the process. With the right to say “NO”, with right for time needed to accept, understand and see the sense in everything   requested by human to him. Because the main point is not in the technique but in the WAY we use it.

The main point is in US.. Humans.

Now, I know how to help horses to have better owners.

Now,  I know how to give a chance to horses to be hear, understood and seen
by humans.

Now,  I know how to give the knowledge to humans how to build and achieve relationship with horses based on acceptance, trust and respect.

Тhis clinics are in fact for humans, although they are named as Horse Clinics.



  • Clinics are done for groups and individuals


For horse owners:

  • You can come with your horse, we have place where to take care of him for clinic period.

  • You can come for first workshops without your horse then we will go to your place to work together there.


For future horse owners:

  • Clinics are done at our place and you work with our horses



All clinics are focused on ground work with horse in round pen or on line.

Riding improvement working session can be included to individual program if requested.

the place

The Horseman Ranch,

Makotzevo Village, 2124
(35 km from Sofia)


Let's talk

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