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Welcome! My name is Julia.

My path began many years ago. If then I had a personal coach, helped me to realize what is important and valuable to me in my life, I'd get here much earlier.

During my life journey I have understood and felt that horses REALLY help you to make CHANGE, and as professional coach and facilitator of coaching programs with horses I see this each day.


First in my life had entered Horses.

Over the years they had changed me and allowed to achieve deeper knowledge of myself.

By “being” with them my self-awareness raised to much higher level, my skills for "listening", "feel", "deep empathy",  finding the "words" beyond words,  had grew up tremendously.

Then in my life had entered Coaching who gave me the opportunity to grow as a person and achieve goals that are important for me. Coaching allows me to help others to achieve their own life goals. To live consciously is the most important spiritual lesson in our life.  Horses and Coaching offers you that lesson every time you work with them.


I do and create personal development programs with horses. My skills, experience, wisdom and knowledge are focused to help people to build their life consciously and in their own direction.

Horses are provoking and requesting a CHANGE inside you.

Coaching proves and helps to have a really complete, harmonious and balanced life as YOUR NEW REALITY.


Regardless of what you think today, remember that each of us is creative and whole person who has all the necessary resources to achieve its goals.

Make this first small step.

Allow me to help you to achieve what you want.



Julia Slawow-Tonew

Life & Personal Development Coach

EAHAE trainer

in media

Radio Show
Семейно Радио: "За конете и хората"Юлия & Маги
00:00 / 18:37

Guest in "My Family" radio show on Bulgarian National Radio. We talk about the horses in human world and our experiences with them. The show is in Bulgarian Language.


Article in about lessons from horses about LEADERSHIP.


Article in Economic. bg about lessonf from horses about EFFECTIVNESS. I explain how horses and personal development trainings with them help people to change.


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