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 Just BE HERE and NOW with them.

hae method

Horse Assisted Education is an innovative approach to personal and professional development. The model is known almost 20 years in Europe and it is used in business, staff training and personal development. The essence of the method is being in a space with a horse and experiencing each other. It focuses on experiential learning, analysis and reflection. The horses are not used here as a tool for learning, they are active participants in the seminars and in the process of training people.


Observations confirm that people's attitude towards horses correspond to their attitude.

  • we are what we are, and we work on the grounds of learned patterns and reactions.

  • these models are perfectly revealed in a situation of stress arising from working with unfamiliar large animal.

  • the same habits and attitudes people use with their colleagues, clients and family members.

Development of the ability to communicate effectively through working with horses provides skills, knowledge and experience, leading to a significant improvement in dealing with challenges in life, tasks and people who cross our path.





  • development programs provide a deeply affecting and giving special effects experience.

  • in the learning process is self-awareness and openness to self-analysis. Participants draw their own conclusions about their own ways of doing things.

  • there is no ready-made answers and guidance. Everyone discovers what his situation is the most helpful in effective change on the assumption that only we ourselves can become experts in our development and we are only able to answer the key questions.

  • this training is real, it does not involve role play or pretend;

More about the method you can find at:

hae videos

Interview with DHL President about Horse Assisted Education

Feedback from participants of the programs done in Poland. You can understand how and why it changes your live.

autor: Agata Wiatrowska

Year of production:2012

Horse Assisted Education explained

HorseDream concept has been successfully applied in business organisations since 1996. It brings together experience in using horses to teach people, integral concepts, and the insight into human needs in relation to their environment..

autor: Agata Wiatrowska

Year of production:2012

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horses as trainers

Horses are not prejudiced by who you are.

If they don’t believe in you, they just don't follow you.

questions &

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Why coaching with horses... 

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