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Horses give you true

experiential learning

Precision, Empathy, Clarity of Direction and Purpose, Passion

Horses as trainers

Horses engage you cognitively, emotionally, physically and spiritually through really experimental learning which leads to real and lasting behavior change. They show you the significance of attitude and how to become more sensitive to non-verbal communication shared with others consciously or unconsciously.


Horses are great teachers.

Horses don’t lie. 
Their feedback is instant, genuine, authentic and without agenda.


Horses are not prejudiced by who you are.
If they don’t believe in you, they just don't follow you.



Horses are great communicators.

We see the quality of OUR communication by the response we get from horse. His reaction on us, our gestures exposes exactly what we really communicate NOT what we think we do. Horses demand from us to build connection with them based on trust. Horses demand from us to develop clear, balanced and assertive leadership through non-verbal communication.


Horses reflect your emotions, energy and your attitude. and teach you how to reach your goals, balance your emotions and manage your energy.

Horses are the Metaphor and
the Mirror.

why horses

  • Working with horses engages people cognitively, emotionally, physically and spiritually; it creates true experiential learning which leads to real, lasting, behaviour change.

  • Feedback from the horse is genuine, authentic and without agenda.
    Horses don’t lie, they have no need to. Horses are not prejudiced by who you are, the clothes you wear, the car you drive or the house you live in. If they don’t believe in you, they just don't follow you.

  • Whilst working with horses you will see the significance of attitude.

  • Learning with horses can help you understand what your body language is saying about you. Through a series of games and tasks you can learn how horses react to your behaviour and how they interpret what you are saying. Find out what the horse is saying to you and why..

  • Learning only happened outside your comfort zone.
    When you are face to face with the horse we know that you will be not your comfort zone. We also know that horses will teach you to be here and now.

  • Whole brain learning.
    Typical leadership trainings happened in rooms which are typical your comfort zone. Those trainings are focusing on left side of your brain – logical and systematically line. Experience with horses develops emotional and creative side of the brain. Left - what you do? Right - who you are?

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Just BE HERE and NOW with them.

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