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Inner power

The main muscle for action in life
Online Course

Course - A path we will take together to increase, care for and regain your inner strength ...


Why the Inner Power?

It is a universal, basic and indispensable tool for dealing with life, especially when we are at a crossroads or in a difficult situation. Whether you lose your job, someone close to you leaves you, or you just want to be consistent or make a change - your inner strength is needed.


What will we talk about and work on in the course?

  • Awareness and ways to build and practice it in our daily lives

  • Authenticity – a life without masks. What is? Where is it in us? How to look for it? How will your life change when you take them off?

  • Projections.  What theh are? How does they affect your communication with others?

  • Selfworhty. Where does it come from? And how to build it skillfully? Emotions and feelings. Needs and strategies of their satisfaction. How to accept your mistakes calmly.

  • Boundaries. The ability to say NO when needed, without fear or worry.

  • Assertive behaviour and how to motivate others

  • People around you. Your personal "herd".

  • About  & for you. How and whether do you enter into a dialogue with the reality of the world? How to give meaning to what is happening in your life? How to be proactive.

  • For inner freedom. As an expression of your inner strength.

What can you expect from this course?


  • It will help you notice and organize your inner world.

  • You will know how to live authentically.

  • You will become better in your communication.

  • You will know how to deal with your emotions and manage your feelings.

  • You will know how to motivate others and how to deal with dominant behavior in others.

  • You will identify and "plug" holes through which your inner strength flows.

  • You will begin to act in the outside world in a way that increases your strength and confidence.

How will it be conducted?

Live on an online platform.

Each meeting lasts 2 hours. Contains a lecture, discussions and question time.

Each meeting lasts 2 hours. Contains a lecture, discussions and question time.

It requires working with oneself between lectures, in the form of assignments.

The meetings are held every Tuesday from 19.30 - 21.30

For eight consecutive weeks.

What lies in the essence of the course?


Horses and their wisdom, combined with my many years of work in the field of personal development as a creator and leader of trainings for people with the participation of horses - teachers.


The combination of the two worlds, of humans and horses, gives deep experiences, discoveries and opportunities for growth as a person and character. Horses with their specificity and symbolism are a unique conductor of truths about yourself and your inner strength. They prove every time that they are indispensable teachers of us humans…


In this online course, horses are a deep source of information, but are present as a background or as a metaphor in some of the topics.

But in programs or seminars they are present personally and with their profound transformative power.


I invite you to enter this magical world of your inner strength. This course is only the first step….After that, I think you will be ready for the second - a personal meeting with me and horse teachers during the seminars or individual classes.

course outline

meeting #1

Introduction to the course.

• How will we work?

• What are we going to talk about?

• Questions.

• Getting to know the group.

meeting #2

How to become a conscious person? Harmony between emotions and intellect.

• What exactly is Awareness?

• Why is it so important for each of us?

• Awareness as a physical presence here and now

• Awareness as an observation of what is happening inside you

• How to unravel thoughts from emotions and feelings?

• Who governs you? Who makes the decisions?

• Horse and rider. How to have harmony between them?

• How to train your awareness in everyday life?

meeting #3

Where is your essence? Authenticity. We take off masks.

• A source of your inner strength.

• What does it mean to be authentic?

• What are masks? When do they appear in your life?

• Communication without masks. Model. Examples of masks

• Why is authenticity important?

• How does the False Self manifest?

• How does the Authentic Self manifest?

• When and how to train your Authenticity?

meeting #4

Projections. How to listen beyond words?

• Communication. The ability to listen

• TING. Active listening model.

• What are projections?

• Facts and opinions

• Horses and projections.

• Non-verbal communication, an important element of consciousness

• We train "pure" listening

meeting #5

Selfworthy. Where does it come from and how can you change it?

• What is the selfworthy?

• Where does the feeling of cost come from?

• Personal field of management. Focus on the outside or the inside?

• Emotions and feelings.

• Needs and different strategies of their satisfaction

• Courage in action and the right to make mistakes.

meeting #6

Boundaries. The ability to say NO. Assertive behaviour.

• What exactly is a boundary?

• What does it mean to be an assertive person?

• Anger - a companion to boundaries

• Types of behaviour + assertive behaviour

• How to build assertive behaviour. Steps and rights.

• Model - a path from and to assertive behaviour

• Motivation of others. Limits of assertive behaviour

• The formula of assertiveness.

• How to deal with dominant behaviour in others?

meeting #7

You and your world.

• People around you. Your personal "herd". Why is it important?

• Your Expression and dialogue with reality.

• The meaning in everything around you. Proactivity.

meeting #8

Freedom as an expression of your inner strength.

• The ability to distinguish and separate

• How not to reach a dead end?

• The choice.

• Freedom

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What the course includes:


Duration: 8 weeks

Workload: once a week and time to work with yourself during the week.



  • 8 live group meetings in an online platform, 2 hours each.

  • Materials and tools for independent work.

  • Opportunity to consult with the presenter on the phone during the course

Course fee: 210 Euro

Upcoming groups:

2022 Dates to be announced soon.

For more information, contact me.

what people say


Emil Minev

The horses and Julia showed me in depth the influence. How thoughts and feelings affect us, how we design and interact with others. I discovered how "internal dialogue" helps or hinders our relationships with people. How our or other people's thoughts and feelings are projected on others and how they affect the results we get in our lives and society. Horse seminars are a deep, personal, effective and authentic experience, learning and personal development.

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