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one-day seminars

make the first step and move forward

One-day practical and interactive outdoor seminars with horses. Delegates interact with horses in small groups - between 4 and 10 people. Delegates come face to face with their personal challenges and are helped to overcome them.  Important in the learning process is self-awareness and openness to self-analysis. The changes they make are reflected back instantly in a dramatic and memorable way by the response of the horses.


The seminars process includes introduction to the topic,  ground tasks with horses recorded on video, discussion about individual films. During this seminars you:

  • DISCOVER your personal impact as a leader, your ability to inspire others.

  • EXPERIENCE how important trust, credibility, respect, honesty, humility, integrity, and authenticity are in effective communications and in getting results.

  • PRACTISE being ‘100% present’, having clarity of focus.

  • LEARN how to gain and maintain trust, be authentic.

  • REALISE the importance of setting clear goals, communicating clearly.

  • SEE YOURSELF in totally new way.

DURING THE SEMINAR you became more aware of what HORSE was telling you with his body language, and you paid attention to the response you got.

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I think that everyone needs to attend such seminar, because it helps people to reach deeper understanding about Self.

- Nikol -

During the seminar, I managed to see the missing part in the area of my relationships with others.

- Krasimir -

seminar topics:

How to build healthy borders with others?

Personal or company goals. What stop me to achieve them?

Self-Awareness / Nonverbal communication

Observation and Action.

Emotions & Energy
How to use them in proper way?

Intention in action.

Self - confidence

Discover how to overcome your limits and how to become more self-confident in different life areas. 

Price per person: 199 lv

Full package includes: one full day workshop with horses; training materials; lunch and snacks during the day.

* 100% Advance Payment is required to reserve your spot.Places are limited - groups between 4 and 10 people. 
* Get special price when register early.

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what people say


Emil Minev

The horses and Julia showed me in depth the influence. How thoughts and feelings affect us, how we design and interact with others. I discovered how "internal dialogue" helps or hinders our relationships with people. How our or other people's thoughts and feelings are projected on others and how they affect the results we get in our lives and society. Horse seminars are a deep, personal, effective and authentic experience, learning and personal development.


The Horseman Ranch,

Makotzevo Village, 2124
(35 km from Sofia)


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