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Touch the horse in yourself

We tame emotions to make them our best partners and advisors in life
5-day online course

Why “Touch the horse in yourself?


The horse is a symbol of emotions.
The horse is the Emotion itself ...

And Emotions are a part of you.

They move you.

They are the basis of all your decisions or lack thereof.


The ability to deal with especially non-comfortable  emotions like guilt, shame, fear, vulnerability, anger, envy,  disappointment, jealousy and skills to read them correctly, is extremely important. Because those  emotions are nothing but Your Personal Internal Warning System.


  • Do you let your doubts, failures, shame, fear, or anger hold you back or rule you for days?

  • Can you be resolute, persistent in key life goals, but just as importantly, have the insight and courage to recognize when those goals are not serving you and to adapt?

  • Do you know what needs move you in a given situation and whether you meet them constructively?

  • Do you know what values ​​move you in life in general and whether you follow them boldly and confidently?

Emotions keep popping into you, and in most cases, you probably allow yourself to be completely controlled. And if they are one of the best, like joy and love, everything is on 6! But when they appear, they live in you and they are completely in control of: fear, vulnerability, anger, shame, guilt, envy, jealousy, disappointment - everything turns around. You do not live fully. Blocked, you stop evolving and use the potential you have.

The ability to deal with exactly these emotions, and especially to read them correctly, is imperative. Because emotions are nothing but Your Personal Internal Warning System.


The way you navigate your inner world - your daily thoughts, emotions and stories about yourself - is the most important determining factor for your success in life. It drives your actions, career, relationships, happiness, health; everything.

I invite you to join a journey to yourself - this course will be the first step in the adventure "Know yourself to tame the world."

An adventure that will surely bring difficult moments, but will also be interesting and liberating


It's time. To deal consciously and with curiosity with your emotions and thoughts.

It's time to tame them with understanding and inner peace - to become your best helpers and advisors in your life.


What benefits does this course bring to you?


  • Increase your emotional agility. Top skill nowadays.

  • Taming emotions: fear, vulnerability, anger, frustration, jealousy, envy, shame and guilt.

  • Knowledge of what lies behind each of them.

  • Understanding what to "ask" them when they appear in you.

  • Ability to distinguish what is need and what is value.

  • Awareness of what needs drive you in different situations.

  • (Rediscovering) your values ​​that move you in life.

  • Practical and easy tools for working with yourself

How will it be conducted?

Live in online platform.

Each meeting is 1.5 hours. Includes lecture time, discussions and questions.

Requires individual work between the sessions on personal assignments.

Sessions are conducted each day from 18:30 to 20:00

In five consecutive days - from Monday till Friday

course outline

meeting #1

Introduction to the course and topic.

  • What is emotional agility and why is it important?

  • What does the horse have to do with the emotions from the photo to the course?

  • A tool for taming any emotion.

  • Steps to develop emotional agility.

meeting #2

We debunk Fear / Vulnerability / Anger / Disappointment

meeting #3

We debunk Shame / Guilt / Envy / Jealousy

meeting #4

Needs and Values.

  • What is the difference and why is it important to be aware of them?

  • How to distinguish them in our daily lives?

meeting #5

Practice. Tools for working with yourself

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Какво включва курса:

Продължителност:  5  поредени дена

Натовареност: 1 път дневно онлайн среща 18.30 - 20.00; след курса самостоятелна работа със себе си.



  • 5 групови срещи на живо в онлайн платформа,

  • Материали и инструменти за самостоятелна работа.


ПРОЛЕТНА ЦЕНА: 125 лв/участник

Очаквам те!

For more information, contact me.

what people say


Emil Minev

The horses and Julia showed me in depth the influence. How thoughts and feelings affect us, how we design and interact with others. I discovered how "internal dialogue" helps or hinders our relationships with people. How our or other people's thoughts and feelings are projected on others and how they affect the results we get in our lives and society. Horse seminars are a deep, personal, effective and authentic experience, learning and personal development.

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