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Eye to Eye with the horse

What does he tell you about yourself?

Online course for horse owners

Building of  communication with your horse based on awareness and attention to yourself and him.

Why to choose this course?


Having your own horse is first and foremost a responsibility. For his health, training but also his emotional state. Horses give a lot of positive emotions but also different challenges.

He who has his own horse knows how important the relationship with him is and the ability to establish a safe relationship with him. And if they are not only safe, constructive for the horse and the man together - this is the icing on the cake for both 😊


I created this course for this very purpose. To help people touch the essence of their horse but also their own at the same time. Without knowing who we are, what drives us, what blocks us - we cannot be truly desirable partners for our horses. That is why the course is focused on action and observation in order to learn to read well what horses tell you not only about themselves, but also about yourself. The course offers individual work with your horse. This is the path to consciousness - the gateway and the key to personality development. And from there, the opportunity to be what our horses need - stable and confident leaders who lead by creating trust, a sense of acceptance and safety.


This course is not intended to teach you how to train horses, educate or learn anything.

This is the next step where techniques are learned, but before them is the person. And the way he applies techniques springs from his essence, and that's why this course.

The fact is that horses basically have the same needs as us humans.

Need for acceptance, recognition, peace, safety, comfort, trust and respect-based communication. In the years spent with them and their owners, it became clear to me that whatever we want for us, we should give the same to the horses. And then I realized that this can only happen when I work with myself, to remove everything false and dominant in me. To remove the blockages, the impossibilities, to tame my emotions and to learn how to be here and now. Just like horses. To accept the horse as an equal person involved in the relationship and not as a vehicle or tool that meets my needs. A person with the right to say "no", with the right time to accept and understand and see the meaning in what is required of him. Because the key is in us PEOPLE ...


Now I know how to help horses have better owners.

Now I know how to give horses a chance to be heard, understood and seen by humans.

Now I know how to give people the knowledge to achieve real communication with their horses. Communication based on a person's awareness and knowledge of himself

What will we talk about and work on in the course?

In the course we talk and work on different and important areas of your personal development. There are five meetings / lectures and after each there is a practical task for you and your horse.


  • Facts and opinions. What is a fact? What is an opinion? Why is distinguishing them so important?

  • Projections. What they are? How does they affect what you see when you are with your horse?

  • Emotions. Common language between humans and horses. What is emotion? What is a feeling?

  • Automatisms. Thought and emotional patterns.

  • Needs. Yours and your horse's. How do they differ? How do you satisfy them?

  • How to understand your horse. How to read it correctly and carefully.

  • How to incorporate everything learned into your horse's daily life?


This course is just the first step on your path to creating a true partnership with yourself and your horse. If you like it we will take the second step ... personal meeting and work with me during individual trainings or seminars

What can you expect from this course?


  • Increased awareness of who you are.

  • The ability to read your horse correctly.

  • Pay attention to yourself and how you pour on the horse.

  • Deeper connection with your horse and stronger relationships.

  • Knowledge of what you actually show your horse when you are with him.

  • The ability to choose the right strategies of action in response to your needs and the horse.

How will it be conducted?

Live on an online platform.

Each meeting lasts 1.5 hours. Contains a lecture, discussions and question time.

It requires working with oneself between lectures, in the form of assignments.

The meetings are held every Thursday from 19.30 - 21.00

For five consecutive weeks.

What is in the essence of the course?


For years I have been dealing with horses, their development, mental rehabilitation and training. I also help people learn how to properly understand horses - their psyche and behaviour. Over the years, I realized that horses are unique teachers for humans. And I started creating and conducting seminars and personal development programs with the participation of horses as teachers.


This online course is based on my many years of work:

  • with horses as their trainer and behavioural rehabilitator,

  • with people as their mentor in the field of their personal development,

  • with myself and my horse

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Akademia Relacji z Koniem. Kurs online
Akademia Relacji z Koniem. Kurs online
Nov 13, 2023, 8:30 PM – Dec 15, 2023, 10:30 PM

What is included in the course:


Duration: 5 weeks



  • 8 live group meetings in an online platform, 2h each.

  • Materials and tools for independent work.

  • Opportunity to consult with the presenter on the phone during the course

Regular Price: 180 Euro

For Autum editiom promo price: 100 euro

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