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balance your personality

The 5 social roles in action
5-Day Online Course

The motto of each of the roles

Dominant - Guide and protect. Manage others without aggression.

Leader - Discover and inspire. Leadership through relationships.

Sentinel - Support and connectivity. The power of friendship.

Guardian - Monitoring and warning.

Predator - Rearrange. Sacred right of the predator.


What are we talking about in the program?

We are talking about the 5 social roles / behaviors that each of us has in himself and meets them in others every day, whether at work or in different life situations. Not all of us realize what exactly these roles mean and what they are characterized by. Not all of us have the courage to use them in our lives, because some of them are perceived as "bad", or become such if they are not managed skillfully and constructively.

And all 5 - are equally important and essential in everyday life, in our work and life as social beings - members of our large human herd ...


Dominant; Leader; Sentinel; Guardian; Predator


How much do we actually know what they are?

What exactly does each of these roles mean?

What characterizes them and how to use it skillfully and constructively?

Which of these roles require courage to use because they are perceived as "bad" by the world?

Which of these roles do we not want to use because we think we will look "weak" and "vulnerable"?

Each of us has a natural talent for a certain type of behavior in which he feels comfortable and strong. But also those that do not use due to insecurity, internal blockages, fear or lack of training and knowledge.

Understanding each of these roles is intuitive in most cases. But this is not enough to be used in a balanced, conscious and effective way.

The goals of the program:

  • Familiarization with the characteristics of each of the 5 roles

  • Understanding how and when they are triggered in everyday life.

  • Gaining knowledge of when the 5 roles are constructive and when not.

  • Understanding the light and dark sides of each of the 5 roles

  • Understanding the dynamics and interactions between all 5 roles in the workplace and in life.

Expected results:

  • Creating a new quality for interpersonal communication based on more awareness.

  • Understanding the dangers of unbalanced self-management and others.

  • Increased attention and understanding of one's own behavior as well as that of others.

  • Conscious practice of the model of nonviolent communication.

  • Conscious practice of assertive behavior and the formula for motivating others.

  • Individual personal development and self-growth.

How will it be conducted?

Live on an online platform.

In five consecutive group meetings. Each meeting is 1 hour. Contains a lecture, discussions and question time.

The meetings will be from Monday to Friday from 19.00 to 20.00 each day.

The program includes Individual test for the 5 social roles, which is obtained after confirmed registration and bank transfer.

Individual online session 90 min.
Day and time specified individually with me to conduct a 90 min session in which we analyze the test results and talk about how you could use them in a more balanced way.

Why is it important to balance the 5 social roles?


To be effective and to create healthy and constructive social connections.

These 5 roles are equally important and essential in everyday life, in our work and life as social beings - members of our large human herd.

Each of these roles carries certain skills. Unconscious and managed immaturely and nonconstructive become an obstacle and blockage for stable and healthy social relationships with others, effective action and achieving desired results in life and work.


  • conflict management,

  • establishing cooperation,

  • constructive and respectful self-defense,

  • creating healthy and effective boundaries with others,

  • crisis management,

  • dealing with aggressive and unproductive behavior,

  • motivating and changing people's attitudes


All these skills are key and concern not only managers, managers, business owners but also each of us in our daily lives ...


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What the course includes:


1/ individual test for the 5 social roles  - which of them is leading with you and which ones you avoid using.

2/ 5 group online lectures

  • What characterizes each of the 5 roles?

  • How do roles work in everyday life?

  • When are they constructive and when not?

  • How and when to use them skillfully and constructively?

3/ individual online session 90 min. Analysis of test results and session, how you can start using all roles in a more balanced way.


Price: 150 Euro/person



What will you learn about yourself from the test and the individual session?

  • What is your leading (natural) role that you apply most often in life.

  • What are your "rejected" and unused sufficiently balanced roles.

  • What blocks your use of “rejected” roles?

  • How and how can you start using them?

If you are interested, please contact me. 

what people say


Emil Minev

The horses and Julia showed me in depth the influence. How thoughts and feelings affect us, how we design and interact with others. I discovered how "internal dialogue" helps or hinders our relationships with people. How our or other people's thoughts and feelings are projected on others and how they affect the results we get in our lives and society. Horse seminars are a deep, personal, effective and authentic experience, learning and personal development.

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